Every Student Succeeds Act

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This wasn’t supposed to happen.

The Department of Education recently proposed regulations for the Every Student Succeeds Act – and frankly, they’re not good for students. ESSA is supposed to end the era of No Child Left Behind and high-stakes testing, and these regulations will not get us there. But we have an opportunity – right now – to ensure these regulations don’t undo the strides we’ve made to ensure that ESSA truly provides students with more time to learn and our educators the voice they were promised.

Tell the Department of Education: Your regulations must fulfill the promise of ESSA for all students!

The regulations, as proposed, undermine ESSA’s focus on closing opportunity gaps for students and do not remove the emphasis on testing. If unchanged, they would return us to No Child Left Behind’s damaging practice of labeling schools, without using multiple indicators to tell the whole story of school progress.

Together, we fought for an ESSA that included educator, parent, and community voices, because we know that those voices are crucial to securing a great public education for every student, regardless of their ZIP code. Now it’s time to make sure our voices are heard on these regulations, to make sure ESSA really does provide opportunity for all students.

Getting the Every Student Succeeds Act passed was only half the battle. Now we – together – have to keep the pressure on so it’s implemented in a way that serves all our students. Every voice matters.

Speak up today. Send your comment to the Department of Education here.