Madison Teachers Inc. prevails in attack against members

Congratulations to Madison Teachers Inc. for prevailing in the latest attack against the Collective Bargaining Agreements negotiated by MTI covering 5,000 members. The leadership, skill and dedication demonstrated by MTI Executive Director John Matthews led to this success.

A judge has dismissed the lawsuit which questioned the contracts between the Madison School District and MTI. This is the second lawsuit to be dismissed over the CBA.

“WEAC is pleased with the decision,” said WEAC President Betsy Kippers. “This firmly asserts the validity of the CBAs for our sisters and brothers in Madison, and puts the attack groups in their place.”

The lawsuit was filed by the anti-union Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, a libertarian law firm based in Milwaukee that gets financial backing from the conservative and voucher-funding Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation.

“Our strength depends on the unity of our members and their willingness to take a stand against maneuvers staged by outside forces,” said WEAC Executive Director Bob Baxter. “MTI’s success in defending against unwarranted assaults underlines the innate power each of our locals has to defend what is just and right.”

In the ruling, Dane County Circuit Judge Peter Anderson said parts of the contract addressing things that the district would have to deal with regardless of the existence of Act 10 – work hours, sick leave and holidays, for example – are not improper, and are provisions that are “perfectly valid for a school district to adopt in the absence of collective bargaining.”

“I say as a matter of common sense, this court is not going to overturn a contract that has those qualities,” the judge said. “What is the point of telling the school district this isn’t valid? Our purpose in this is not to gum up the operation of the Madison School District. Our purpose in this is to ensure lawfulness.”

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